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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top Dystopian Movies of All Time

I stumbled upon this article the other day, and just had to share it. It's a list compiled of the most popular dystopian movies. I don't necessarily agree with their definition of dystopia, but this was still interesting enough to share. Brave New World is not even on the list, because the only movies that have been made of the book have terrible reviews. It seems to me like it's one of those books that never really works that well as a film.

I'd love to do an assignment with Brave New World where we compare Huxley's warnings with another dystopian vision....we'll see if we have time.


  1. I don't really get why Starship Troopers is a dystopian movie. I mean, it's about a bunch of huge disgusting bugs! I dig the Matrix series. Neo is hot. :D

  2. LOL, out of all the movies listed in the article, I have watched an overwhelmingly large one of them (I Robot, which I wasn't interested in but my friends made me watch anyway). I've heard of many of the other movies but have never seen any all the way through. Haha, I fail. XD

  3. I've watched I Robot, Artificial Intelligence, Minority Report, and The Matrix. I watched the newer War of the Worlds, which was pretty bad, but only the old one is on the list. I thought it was pretty funny how 1984 was released in 1984. What a not-so-coincidence. I actually watched most of these because my dad wanted to. The only one I really liked was I Robot. Good stuff. :P

  4. Wow, I was surprised of how many top 50 dystopia movies I've watched on the list. I've watched IRobot, Matrix, Startropper, V for Vendetta, Idiocracy and Robocop.

    I really liked IRobot and Matrix. V for Vendetta was pretty bloddy. Idiocracy was plain stupid, I could hardly finish the movie. Startropper and Robocop were pretty old, so they were not as attractive.

  5. Oh wow, I actually know a lot of these movies!
    The movies I've watched: I, Robot, The Matrix series, Starship Troopers, Artificial Intelligence: AI, V for Vendetta, RoboCop, and Minority Report. I really liked I, Robot.It's interesting how many of these dystopian movies are made in "the old days." I don't really see any dystopian movies out in the theaters now.

    @Felix: I love Keanu Reaves! ;)

  6. Wow. After looking through that list, I feel like I've failed a test. I've watched two out of the fifty movies listed, though I've heard of many of them before.

    I've watched I Robot and V for Vendetta. I Robot was a movie I got dragged into watching by my dad. I really enjoyed V for Vendetta though.

    I never knew there was an older edition of War of the Worlds. I've seen the one with Tom Cruise, which wasn't the greatest movie out there.

  7. wowive seen quite a bit of these: Starship Troopers, Idiocracy, I RObot, Artificial Intelligence (THAT MOVIE IS AWESOME), Robocop, V for Vendetta, Serenity, and The Matrix. Most of these are really old so i havent had a chance to watch them. I can think of a couple of movies that I think deserve to be on that list. Interesting list, though!

  8. I, Robot, V for Vendetta, Minority Report, The Matrix, Artificial Intelligence. All of the above I have watched and love. Especially V for Vendetta, and The Matrix. Those two movies are on my all time favorite lits. Some of those movies listed, I'm also very interested in watching. Like A Clockwork Orange, I've heard so much about it, but I haven't had the chance to watch it yet.

    ... I swear I'm less cynical than I sound.

  9. hahaha! I'm so proud of myself! I've actually watched a lot of the movies. But my favorites are most definitely: I, Robot (WILL SMITH!!!), Equilibrium (I thought it was really cool, and the ending was nice too), Gattaca (Interesting!!), Pleasantville (Interesting too!!!) and OF COURSE, The Matrix (KEANU REEEEVES!!!!!!!! :])
    I like these sci-fi movies (every now and then, I get bored of chick-flicks and romcoms...hahaha!) and there are still quite a few that I haven't watched yet that I really do want to get around to watching. =)

    I don't think I'm terribly interested in the REALLY old ones or the ones that don't seem to be dystopian movies at all..

  10. From the list, I've watched I, Robot, V for Vendetta, The Matrix, and Blade Runner. I've also watched the newer version of War of the Worlds (the Tom Cruise one). I really liked all of the ones I've listed above, especially I, Robot, probably because I watch it three times and the robot was cute :)
    I saw District 13 on the list, and I thought of District 9 (also dystopian), which I watched over the summer.
    I also thought of I am Legend (because of I, Robot), which was really freaky, but I still enjoyed it :)

  11. I've watched 7 of these, 8 if you count the new War of the Worlds (which by the way was bad): I robot, planet of the apes, minority report, the matrix, blade runner; and thanks to Henry, robocop and idiocracy. I especially did not like the last two I mentioned. Planet of the apes, I Robot and the matrix were OK I guess. I think I like Minority Report and Blade Runner best. I can still remember how in blade runner that super clone guy has a chance let Harrison Ford fall off the building and die but instead he saves him and then says something about seeing stars (I watched this a while ago, as you can tell) and ends with "time to die" and then he just DIES.

    I totally do not understand why some of the movies on the list are on the list. For example, the one about the angel who wants to give up his immortality does not sound like very dystopian to me. I haven't seen it, so there may be something in it that is not shown in the summary, but it seems more like a sweet love thing where someone supernatural falls in love with a mortal, like Meet Joe Black or The Preacher's Wife (the one with Denzel Washington, in case I got the title wrong). And I don't think their definition of dystopia works because Brave New World is DEFINTELY a dystopia (it's even referenced in one summary) and it does not fit their description.

    hum...I cannot really think of any other dystopian movies; the ones I was thinking while I was reading the list eventually came up. I've heard about a new Bruce Willis movie though, about how people control AIs with their minds so that their AIs can do all their stuff for them (while they stay at home). Somehow two of the controllers are murdered via their AIs and then Bruce Willis has to go out into the "real world" to figure it out. I'm not really sure if it fits the dystopian concept though, because I don't really understand what the movie is about entirely yet.

    On a lighter note, Wall-E is sort of dystopian in the way that all the people are so fat they can't move w/o robots (normally) and are living in space because earth is all disgusting. Also, the people are technically controlled by a dictator which is the robot thing that controls the ship (to be honest, I have not watched Wall-E) which controls the robots that the people need to do just about anything. But Wall-E is done in a really cute way so that the terror of dystopian societies is not apparent.