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Sunday, December 27, 2009

10th graders publishing!

Dear Tenth Graders,

For your culminating essay for this unit (Short Stories/Reflective Writing), please pick the best essay you've written so far since we started doing non-analytical writing. This might be:

--One of your Autobiographical Narratives
--Reflective Writings:-important person, object, or tradition
--Interview with relative
--Promptless writing (one of those where you got to choose your own topic)

Then, go to www.tenthgradersenglishessays.blogspot.com and sign in. If you don't want to cut and paste that address, you can click here.

The user name is: tenth.graders
The password is: IBSHwriters

Please upload your favorite essay as a new blog post, with your name and the kind of essay it is as the title. For example, one title might be: Ruth Poulsen--Promptless Writing

I can't wait to see what a great site we come up with!

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