"Liberating education consists in acts of cognition, not transferrals of information." -Paulo Friere

Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to a brand new year!

Hello students! I'm very excited about all the great books we're going to read together, and all the interesting ideas we'll encounter along the way. I'm experimenting with using less paper this year, so I'm going to try to have you do more assignments digitally.

Your first assignment is to answer the following questions, sending them in an email to me. Follow these directions carefully.

The subject of the email should be your full name and your class. If you have both a Chinese and English name, write the one you want me to call you first, and your other name second. Here is an example of what a subject should look like: Ruth (Ru Shih) Poulsen, 10A.

Answer these questions in the body of your email:

Contact information:

1. Write the email address where I can contact you.

2. Write your parents' full names, their email addresses, and a phone number where I can contact them.

Now I want to check that you can find your way around my blog.

3. On the side of this blog, you'll see a box that says "Classroom documents." Under it, click on the syllabus for your class. What is the last unit of the first semester?

4. Now click on "Sourcebook guidelines." What is Mrs. Poulsen's opinion about the type of thinking you're likely to find on websites like Sparknotes?

5. Go down to the bottom of the blog, and look at the Assignment Calendar. Each class's due dates are written in a different color. What color code did I give your class?

Send the answers to these 4 questions (check that you got the subject right, or I'll take points off!) to my email address: ruth.andronica@gmail.com. This email is due Tuesday, September 7.

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