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Monday, April 25, 2011

Persuasion Unit

10th graders,

Here is a link to the power point I showed you on Monday on Logos, Pathos, and Ethos.

Next, here's a link to the power point on Logical Fallacies.

Here's a video that explains logical fallacies, and here's one with good examples.

Here's the power point on Detecting Bias.

Here's your final project worksheet.


  1. Monsters V.S Aliens
    the giant women happens to be the only women fighting the aliens while the of main characters happens to be males or happens to be male nor female. The movies male characters were a mixture of a evil cockroach, horny sea monster(I think so) and a glob of blue slime which I'm not sure whether its male or female, but since the voice is a voice of a men then it will be categorized as male for the time being.

  2. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0990407/
    In the Green Hornet, the main characters are composed of a few guys (Britt Reid, Kato, Frank Scanlon, and Chudnofsky) and one girl (Lenore Case). The whole movie would probably be less manly and gangster than it is, since the hero(s) in most movies are usually men, as well as the bad guys who in this movie are mafia bosses, which are also usually portrayed as men. Also, the plot would be kind of messed up since both of the heroes (Britt Reid and Kato) fight over the girl (Lenore Case), and end up destroying their relationship for a while. If the movie had more women, this part in the script would have to be completely scrapped and replaced.

  3. The Matrix
    Trinity is the only main female cast of the entire story, and who acts as sidekick and love interest of the main character Neo, also known as the "Chosen One". Trinity does not play a very big role, but merely just an add-on to the main protagonist. If there were more female characters in the story, I'm pretty sure that the story would not be very different for the original. Maybe Neo would have a bigger problem choosing his girlfriend.

  4. Patricia Liao
    Movie: G-Force

    In this movie, there is only one female hamster, Juarez, out of all the hamsters, Blaster, Darwin, Hurley, Mooch, and Speckles (who is a blind mole). Also, out of all the "FBI's", only one was female. We can easily spot bias of gender.

  5. Detective K: Secret of Virtuous Widow
    In the story, there are two male detectives, a male dog fancier, a male minister, and a widow. The two male detectives and the dog fancier works along with the widow to prove that the minister is guilty of killing the widow's husband. The bad guy, the minister, and the good guys, the detectives and dog fancier, are all male characters. The only main female character in the story is the widow.

  6. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1345836/

  7. The Dark Knight:
    Except Batman and Robin, every single Batman film only has one woman to act as a Love Interest to Bruce Wayne, a Dark Action Girl, or Both.
    In the Dark Knight, there's only one female character; Rachel Dawes. She is Bruce Wayne's closest friend, and she is also in love with Bruce Wayne. Harvey Dent is in love with her. She was taken hostage by the Joker.
    If the movie had more female characters, the movie would have been very different because two of the important characters in the movie; Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent; revolve around Rachel Dawes. If one more female character appeared, the characters would have different relationships with each other.

  8. Bob Tseng 10A
    In Dragon Ball,Bulma is the first and only female character for a while among the rest of the male cast such as Son Goku(the main character), Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, and so on. If the female to male ratio was more balanced out in the show, I think that Dragon Ball could've reached a whole new level and definition of epic. Sure, it has spawned a meme in addition to being a major anime that contributed to the West's acceptance of anime as not just cartoons, but that reaction could've been different had there been more female characters. Not only that, it'd also be defying the typical formula for fighting anime aimed at males, though your mileage may vary.

  9. The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom that participates in the Smurfette Principle. In this show, the main character cast is a bunch of Caltech nerds Lenard, Sheldon, Ranjesh, Howard and one hot blonde , Penny. With a more even representation of humans, the show would be different because the attention of the male characters toward one female character would be divided into many female characters, and effect the relationships between Lenard and Penny.

  10. Jinna Chang 10A

    In Harry Potter, there is Harry, Ron, Voldemort, Dumbledore etc. and Hermione is the only main character that's a girl. The rest of the important characters are all guys. The movie would be very different if more female characters were added. The movie would seem too girly if there were a lot of girls waving their wands and casting spells on eachother. I think less people would want to watch it if most of the characters were women.

  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_(anime)
    In the animation series Pokemon, the cast of main characters is always maintained at a gender ratio of multiple males and one single female throughout the seasons. For the first few seasons, the main character Ash is accompanied by Brock and Misty as he travels throughout the Kanto and Johto regions. Later on in the Hoenn region, Misty was replaced by May and her brother Max. Note that despite the addition of another female character, the original female was removed as well as the inclusion of another male. In seasons 10 to 13, the characters May and Max were both removed and replaced by Dawn. In the current season, Ash is traveling with Iris and Cilan, the show still exhibiting the smurfette principle. I doubt that the show would be influenced drastically if there were more females in the cast.

  12. In the Japanese Anime Reborn, there is only one girl in the story that matters the most. She is one of Tsuna's 6 guardians, and the rest of the guardians are all guys. There are other two girls who appear on the screen often, but they are weak and if they aren't there, the story wouldn't have any difference. Also, the female guardian is actually a vessel for the real guardian, who is hurt and kept in a healing tank. Undoubtedly, the one healing is also a guy. So technically the girl is combined with a guy, and it makes her even less as a girl. The show would change a little if more guardians were turned into girls. The show would most likely be portrayed with more romantically if there were more girls. The characters would most likely be paired up.

  13. Andrew Fang 10B
    In Yugio, the main character us Yugi. He has a whole crew of people who pull out cards and make monsters appear on a weird battlefield. The whole crew is consisted of his guy friends named Joey and Seto Kaiba. There are a few girls in this movie such as Mokuba Kaiba who is Seto Kaiba's sister.
    If there was more girls in the movie the movie would have been more sentimental and sensitive. This might of changed the plot completely and it might not. ITS TIME TO D-D-D-D-D-DUEL.


  14. Barry Wu 10B
    Robin Hood (2010) is a great example of the Smurfette Principle since there are only Robin Hood and his men. The main character is Robin Hood, who is a professional archer and he is the star of the whole movie. Most of the action is centered on him and he is the savior when everyone else is having trouble or has their life endangered. The movie used a woman as sensation for Robin Hood and his men, and she is only for her looks in this movie.
    This movie would be different with a female archer since there would be more happiness in Robin’s life. Also, the movie would have more action, since Robin Hood has to save the female whenever she makes a mistake or gets captured by the enemy.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJtot_f-snU
    The movie I chose that follows the Smurfette Principle is Megamind. In this movie, There are four main characters. Metro Man, Megamind, Hal (also known as Titan later on in the movie), and Roxanne. Metro Man is a super hero that protects Metro City from the attacks of the super villain Megamind. Hal and Roxanne are partners for Metro News. If Roxanne doesn't exist, then the story plot would be boring because later on Megamind turns to the good side to fight against Hal to save the city and get the girl. If there are more than one female character in this movie, then there wouldn't be a fight between those guys.

  16. Spongebob Squarepants [http://spongebob.nick-asia.com/en/splash.html]' mains characters include Patrick (starfish), Squidward (squid), Mr. Krabs (crab), Gary (snail), Spongebob himself (sponge), and of course, our only main girl, Sandy (squirrel).

    Sandy often appears as Spongebob's having-fun friend. Likewise, they go to beaches, practice karate, and hang out at Sandy's tree house. I guess if Sandy had more girlfriends to hang out with, it would've caused her great trouble because, well, she's not girly at all -- in other words, Sandy does not portray the usual stereotype for girls, which is going shopping, painting their nails, and all that other sissy behavior. Sandy probably wouldn't like if more girls were around her. And on the other hand, I'm guessing Spongebob probably wouldn't want girly-girls to hang around him either.

  17. Pirates of the Caribbean

    The main characters in The Pirates of the Caribbean are Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Davy Jones. Consisting of three guys and one girl. The movie is basically about a notorious pirate Davy Jones trying to wake up a beast in the ocean and destroy the seven seas, and Jack Sparrow and his crew will be attempting to stop Davy Jones from succeeding. In the story, one of the main conflicts other than stopping Davy Jones is the fight between Will and Jack over Elizabeth. Two men are trying their best to win the heart of one woman. If the story was more even, then the chances of them fighting over one woman would be less because there are more women available. So the main conflicts in the story would be more different if the gender distribution was more even.

  18. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0800369/
    In Thor, out of the five main characters, only one of them is female. Thor, the main characters loves the women, Jane Foster, and she is only used to support Thor and the other three main male characters and is probably placed in the movie to put love into it. This group of main characters makes up the Smurfette Principle as the female character does not interact with other characters except for her assistant, which do not really appear in the movie frequently.

  19. Harrison Moh 10B
    (skip to the section "Plot")
    Since ancient times when sphinxes shot fireballs at Mario and sound was 8-bit, the Mario series has applied the smurfette principle to the extreme. In most games of the main series, there is only one female present, Princess Peach. Although there has been inclusion of other female characters such as Daisy and Birdo and Toadette in spinoff series',they are mainly female counterparts of of the already present male characters. Additionally, Birdo was in fact, intended to be a male in the game he appeared in. The afformentioned females have only appeared in spinoff series such as Mario Party and Mario Kart just so that female players could have more options instead of Peach. In the main series, Princess Peach continues to appear as the only female with a main role, and she stereotypically always plays the damsel in distress. Other games like this include other classics, such as the Legend of Zelda(with the damsel Zelda) and Star Fox(with Slippy(who at least sounded female)). Even when Princess Peach got her first ever game (entitled
    "Super Princess Peach" where she breaks the barrier and rescues the kidnapped Mario and Luigi), she still appears as the only main female character.

  20. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0383574/

  21. Harrison Ko

    In a cartoon called Avatar: The Last Airbender, there is only one girl and two boys that make up the main characters. The girl was the one who freed the main character from the ice, and they fall in love with each other. If there isn't the girl in the cartoon, there wouldn't be much of a difference because the girl in the story was made to be as strong as a boy even though she looks like a normal girl.

  22. The Next Three Days http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1458175/
    The movie's main characters include Lara Brennan, John Brennan, Luke, Damon Pennington, and some other police officers. Lara is the only female main character. If there were more female officers than men in the movie, the officers would seem less threatening. Hence, it would create less tension when the audiences watch the movie.

  23. Jenny Chang 10B

    In the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Katara is the only female character in Aang's party, which consists of Aang, Sokka, Momo, and Appa. Even though Azula, one of the main antigonist, and Toph, Aang's earthbending teacher, are also female, but they do not appear often until the later seasons. I don't think adding more female characters would make a difference because the story does contain quite a few of them already, and the girls are all capable to fight like men anyways.

  24. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predators_(film)
    The movie "Predators" has the smurfette principle because the I.D.F. Sniper Isabelle is the only female character on the team of survivors. The other characters are : a Yakuza Enforcer, a Spetsnaz soldier, a Drug Enforcer, a inmate, a Psycho killer - Doctor, a RUF Rebel, and a Black Ops Mercenary. If Isabelle didn't exist then it would be a very lame because it would just be about a bunch of guys trying to kill aliens. If there was more girls in the movie then it would make the movie more realistic. Despite the random selection of victims on the planet.

  25. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1046173/
    The movie G.I.Joe has the smurfette principle because, even tho there are two main female character in the movie, they are on two different sides and there are three other guys are each side. The movie will be a lot different if there is only one woman character because she will have no one to match up with her when they fight. If there are no female major characters,the movie will not be as good since there are no hot girls to look at. If there are more girls in the movie, it will be a bit wired since they are suppose to be a very strong special force team and usually guy are stronger than girls by nature, so the teams will look a lot weaker with more girls

  26. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0468569/
    The Dark Knight
    Characters: Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, Rachel Dawes

    This movie does clearly show the smurfette principle. However, this does not mean that Rachel plays an unimportant role. In the movie, Rachel symbolizes the growing isolation from society Bruce pays in return for the ability to help protect its people. Rachel symbolizes that as a result of Bruce being Batman, he can no longer live just a normal life in society. This is also shown by her relationship with Harvey, because while Rachel does have some love for Wayne, she cannot be with a man like Batman who,as a result of being a hero, cannot ever live a normal life. As a result, she instead plans on marrying Harvey. Clearly, while Rachel is only portrayed in relation to men, this portrayal is vital to the plot and underlying themes of the movie instead of being there as only a romantic interest and to add sex appeal to the movie. As a result, the addition of another female character to the movie could very well do little but distract from the theme and possibly diminish importance of females in the movie, because part of the reason Rachel is so vital is because she is the only major female character. So while the movie does have more males than females, the female character plays such a large role in the movie that it does not matter as much. This sets the Dark Knight's use of the smurfette principle apart from movies like Transformers, who only use female characters as romantic interests or for sex appeal.

  27. Haurence Li, 10B
    In Underworld, the only important female is the main character, Selene, thus this qualifies it to be categorized as a film following the Smurfette Principle. The other female characters in this movie only appears in the history (of the movie) or as beautiful sidekicks for the male vampires. I don't think there would be much difference if there were more important females in the movie because most of the story only revoles around Selene killing Lycans and other vampires. The other vampires that assist Selene weren't very important either although they were male.