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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Farewell to Arms Webquest

10th graders,

For this webquest, write paragraphs on each of the following topics:

1. World War I: causes, dates, participants.
2. Ernest Hemingway's personal experiences in the war.
3. Hemingway's writing style and popularity as a writer.

Each paragraph should be a summary of what you find on the internet about these topics, and should be in your own words. You may quote short phrases from sources. After each paragraph, write the name of at least 2 sources for the information: they should be reliable, scholarly sources.

Email me your answers.


  1. 1. World War 1 had many causes. The cause that actually triggered the war was the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. As for the other causes, there was the previous mutual defense alliances between the great countries of Europe, the idea of imperialism, nationalism and militarism. These ideas spurred on the countries of Europe into building themselves up into stronger powers, providing the necessary firepower for World War I.
    2. Ernest Hemingway volunteered for the Red Cross to be an ambulance driver in World War I. On his first day in Milan, a amunition factory exploded, and he had to carry the bodies and parts of human bodies into a hastily built morgue. It was something he probably never forgot. Later on, he was deeply wounded by parts of an Austrian mortar shell. However, despite his wounds, he carried a fellow Italian soldier who was more wounded than him back to base, earning him a medal. This experience inspired his A Farewell to Arms book.
    3. Ernest Hemingway's writing style was mainly influenced by the short time he worked for the Kansas City Star. During his time there, he learnt many lessons. The newspaper promoted "short sentences, short paragraphs, active verbs, authenticity, compression, clarity and immediacy". As for his popularity as a writer, it was mainly due to the fact that his stories were set everywhere, from the mundane to the exotic. Combined with his style of writing, his popularity easily spread and grew stronger.

  2. 1.World war started mainly because of the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The start of WWI was in the summer of 1914 to the bitter end of 1918, the allied countries are France, British empire, U.S, Russia, Japan and so on so forth, with the central powers containing Germany, Austria, Ottoman empire, and Bulgaria.
    2. Hemingway was on e of the many volunteers that joined the red cross ambulance driver for the war.In one of his many experiences, Hemingway often brought chocolate to the Italian soldiers in the drenches, but one time an Austrian mortar shell blew up beside him and knocked Hemingway unconscious injuring many Italian Soldiers, what happened next was Hemingway carried his fellow brothers to the ambulance despite many bullets that were deep inside his legs. Hemingway was hailed as a hero and was praised with a badge from the Italian government.
    3.Hemingway's writing style consists of many short sentences and energetic English, his grammar wasn't complicated like the author of the great Gatsby but plain easy grammar that could be enjoyed by normal people. He was often thought of as the master of dialogue.