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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Bell Jar and Date Rape

Esther was almost raped by her date Marco in chapter 9 of The Bell Jar.  Read the following two links:

Facts and Myths about Date Rape

Safety Tips

Then, pretend you had a chance to write Esther a letter that she would receive right before walking outside with Marco. What advice would you give her? Write a one page letter with information from the websites and the details from the early parts of her date with Marco, giving her advice.

Second,  read the following links aimed at men:

Next Gent: We end sexism, we end rape.

This one is a joke, but with a serious point: Top Ten Rape Prevention Tips for Men

Then, write a letter to Marco, before he goes on the date. I want to see references to what we know about him in the book. Try to persuade him not to assault Esther.

Read over the letters to check for careful edits, then email them to me: ruth.andronica@gmail.com.

Oedipus the King correct text version

12th graders,

This is the translation that your reading test will be drawn from. You are not required to do notecards for this book.

 Good luck!