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Monday, April 16, 2012

Poetry Wikis--Part 2

Hello Seniors,

Great work on your culminating project for our poetry unit. You made me proud with your detailed analysis. Now, please respond to  4 other students' work. Start with the three other people in your table group, and them you may choose the other student to comment on. Make sure you are signed into gmail when you comment so that I can see that it was you. If your gmail doesn't include your name, then write your name after every comment.

Your responses can include:

  • Additions to ideas already expressed
  • Contesting or modifying ideas 
  • Asking questions
All of your responses should be in comment form in the margins. You may respond to the original comments by clicking their comment boxes, or you may respond to the longer analysis at the end of the poem.

I encourage this to be as much as possible like a conversation. Once you have finished your responses, please email me with the names of the 4 students that you commented on, so I can grade you for your pertinent ideas.

--Mrs. Poulsen

Wei-Fan Chang: "Anthem for a Doomed Youth"

Wayne Chi : "Annabel Lee"

Angela Chou: "All the World's A Stage"

Bess Ku: "Woman Work"

Elissa Lee: "Hope is a Thing With Feathers"

Albert Liang: "Nothing Gold Can Stay"

Ted Ling-Hu: "A Dream Within A Dream"

Tereasa Ho: "Phenomenal Woman"

Alice Chan: "Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening"

Helen Su: "Delight in Disorder"

Sean Liu: "If"

Ted Wu: "Still I Rise"

Dawn Chen: "The Raven"

Demi Lin: "She Walks in Beauty"

Kristen Wu: "We Real Cool"

Michelle Chen: "Catrin"

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