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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ethos, Logos, and Pathos

Here is the power point the explains our first concept in our Persuasion unit.

Persuasion: Ethos, Logos, and Pathos

Your task is to comment on this post with an example of a commercial. Your comment should include:

  • Your Name and 10A or 10B
  • The product being advertised (I prefer that you choose ads for products that you actually buy)
  • A link to the commercial on youtube
  • A paragraph that explains:
    • What method of persuasion the commercial is using--ethos, logos, or pathos.
    • Some details on how they are using this method (check the power point for ideas on how to do this)
    • Your opinion on how effective this commercial is in getting people to buy their product.
Your comment is due Friday, May 25, at 8 am.


  1. Emily Cheng 10A
    This commercial is persuading us to donate money or to help the people who have cancer.
    This commercial used pathos, which appeals to one's emotions, and ethos, which are ethics or characteristics. Even though, at the beginning, it wasn’t clear what the commercial might be about, but it uses storytelling to express fully of what they wanted to show in the end. For pathos, it is very clear that they used dramatic music to affect our emotions and the cuteness of the little girl. At first, they made us wonder why the little girl was cutting her hair in order to draw more attention from the audience. In the end, it suddenly expressed the meaning of the commercial which made it even more touching and more effective. For ethos, they made us want to care as much as the little girl cared about her brother and to help other people who are suffering through cancer. This commercial, to me, is very effective because there wasn't overdose of dramatic music, but they made it very simple for the audience to understand. It not only was a touching story, but it also teaches people to be more caring and to appreciate the people you have in your life.

  2. Adrienne Chang 10A

    This is an Under Armour commercial that is persuading people to buy their products.

    The commercial is using ethos and logos to persuade customers, specifically athletes, to buy and use their products. The appeal to identity is used throughout the commercial by showing famous athletes, such as Dez Bryant and Michael Phelps, in an athletic, competitive environment. By using famous athletes, Under Armour is making themselves appear more credible because of their respectable athletic performance and success. It also shows the athletes overcoming failure and achieving their goals, giving the audience that idea that if they buy Under Armour products, they will become as successful as the athletes in the commercial. The appeal to logic is used with the overall tone and music, which is very masculine. This makes it appear very dominant and powerful, appealing to authority. I think this commercial is effective for it’s target audience, athletic men. Athletes are always looking to improve themselves and the commercial’s focus on athletes that have become successful makes the target audience more easily persuaded to believe that Under Armour will help them become better athletes.

  3. Ricky Kim 10A
    This is a coca cola commercial from last year.
    This commercial is using pathos and ethos persuasion to buy this product. Like most drink commercials, this was also pathos because there were a lot emotional appeal such as lots of colors of nature, coca cola theme song, many happy people and a tagline in the end of the commercial. The commercial is set in the beach where it is obviously summer again and teenagers with cool refreshing coke bottles are happy and partying at the beach. It is like saying drinking a bottle a coke in the summer is going to make you enjoy life. The tagline was "coca cola opens happiness" which is a very catchy yet corny tagline. This commercial was also ethos because it was saying that the lifestyle of drinking coke is the way of living and the step to being cool. In the song lyrics, 0:25, it says " you can be some one new again" which would also somewhat convince teens to buy this drink. I think this commercial was pretty influential because it made me go buy one , and also because a cold refreshing drink that could bring you a new life in the summer are the best kind of drinks one can imagine.

  4. Christopher Hsu 10B
    This is a commercial attempting to sell Panda cheese.
    It uses pathos and ethos techniques to try to draw the buyer to buy it.

    First, its funny and memorable scenes make it almost impossible to forget, thus allowing their brand to be implanted in your mind for extended periods of time. That would be pathos. The ethos part of this commercial is that it is implying that if you don't buy this kind of cheese, you won't fit in, thus prompting us to buy that particular brand.

    I think that this commercial was very effective in that it was really hard to forget, and it just kept lingering in the back of your mind. I guess it really accomplished its goal. Also, i actually buy the product and am drawn to consider it every time i buy cheese, i would say it has a big impact. And that is what a good commercial always has, and impact.

  5. Steven Chen 10B

    This is a Japanese commercial of a restaurant attempting to make people buy their sushi.

    Although this commercial is just plainly incongruent, it does possess some elements of pathos because the only way it persuades you to buy it is from its randomness and humor. With only 37 seconds, the commercial quickly attracts your attention and is capable of making you remember it for a really long time. The way the commercial makes it memorable and funny is pathos because it appeals to your emotions.

    I think the advertisement is pretty effective in attracting attention and intriguing you. However, it provides no logical or gustatory motivation whatsoever, so some people might just laugh at the video and just forget about it. Personally, I think I might go try out the sushi if I have the chance to just because of how interesting the commercial is.

  6. Avery Ni 10B
    Weird Japanese sushi ad. (attempts to draw audience's attention through pathos)

    This Japanese sushi advertisement attempts to draw the viewer's attention through a creative representation. Through a completely unexpected series of events, the commercial ends with a clever transition to its product. This funny and unexpected connection forces its way into the audiences mind, making it unforgettable. This is pathos because it clearly appeals to our emotions and makes the audience have a great laugh. In addition, the lack of variety in color further makes its way into the viewer's mind. Since the only prominent colors in the film are red and white, the advertisement is simple and thus easy to remember.
    As 80% of our entire class laughed after watching the advertisement, it has successfully done its job in grasping our interest. As an advertisement, it may be oversimplified, however, it is not the case to the viewer. It has been fairly effective as I still remember it.

  7. Evan Lee 10A
    This is a Japanese commercial that advertises bananas and attempts to get them sold.

    Even though this commercial is incredibly random and ridiculous, it plants an image inside of your head of a banana superhero who can shoot bananas out of his nose. This uses pathos and persuades you to buy bananas through sheer fear of the banana superhero, or through the humor of remembering such a strange and random figure.

    This commercial is somewhat effective in getting someone to buy bananas, in that you'll remember the banana superhero whenever you see bananas so you'll have a strange urge to buy them. The lack of logic does play a part in making people wonder why they would want to buy bananas, but hey, the banana superhero is awesome and bananas are good for you.

  8. Misty Lin 10B
    This is a commercial to make people buy Godiva Chocolates.
    This commercial is mostly using pathos to persuade people. It uses slow motion to make it more dramatic. Also,it shows how blissful the women are after eating the chocolates to catch people's attention. The commercial aims at a person's sense of taste. It is kind of unexpected of how the women walk away after having the chocolates, but stop to wait for the guys. It makes people think that the chocolates can make a person captures another person's heart.
    For me, I think it is pretty persuasive, partially because I am fond of sweets. However, the expression of happiness showed by the women after eating the chocolates can easily move a person's sense of taste. Especially those who like chocolates. The commercial is quite memorable as well to think that the women are walking away after taking the chocolates.

  9. Jonathan Chang 10B
    This is an American commercial advertising McDonalds featuring NBA athletes.

    This commercial talks about two NBA players betting over a McDonald's meal. It is really funny and the ending is a good twist. This commercial evokes ethos and pathos. Ethos is more evident in this commercial because many young teenagers and basketball fans want to be act and mimic their favorite athletes. If these athletes are eating McDonalds, then they will go to the closest store and buy a Happy Meal. This evokes their identity.

    I think this commercial is very effective for young adults because many of them watch these athletes play and the teenagers idolize them. This is why many athletes are endorsed to these high profile brands. I personally would go eat McDonalds after watching this the first time.

  10. Gary Lin 10B
    this is the head and shoulders for men commercial

    i think this commercial uses ethos to attract the audience's attention. The star of the commercial is Michael Phelps who is a famous swimmer, and this would make people want to buy this shampoo to be like Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps promotes this product by saying that its one of his two important habits before swimming; listening to music and to wash his hair with heads and shoulders. I think this commercial is quite successful due the fact that our society likes to follow celebrities and this 16 times Olympic medalist definitely has the star power.

  11. Michael Lo 10A
    Macintosh commercial from 1984

    This commercial uses ethos to attract people's attention. This commercial predicts the future where people would be unified through computers, in this case a Mac. Through this commercial, people are suppose to be unified and develop a single characteristic. This then raises a question whether humans should be unified under a single character.

    I think this commercial is effective. I would buy one because it seemed cool and the commercial was set in the future.

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  13. Carole Sung 10B
    This is a funny xbox commercial that is apparently banned because it contains violence. It is appropriate though.

    First of all, this commercial uses humour to make it memorable for the audiences and it uses pathos to persuade people to buy their product. Pathos uses more of an emotional appeal so the commercial uses action scenes to make people want to play it as well. The creativeness and the surprising actions also make this commercial a memorable one. In my opinion, this commercial is pretty effective for all ages, except for babies. The tagline, "jump in" tells the audience that anyone can play/use their product and that multiple players would be able to use it at the same time without a controller. People would think xbox is cool and awesome because of the "fake gun fights" in the ad.

  14. Eric Sun 10A
    Michael - PS3 Long Live Play
    When people play video games, they forge an emotional bond between the onscreen characters and themselves, through experiencing the difficulties and triumphs of the character. This commercial tries to bring out this emotional bond (pathos), and makes you feel a connection to the characters, as well as picturing oneself as the praised gamer, the one man who broke through: "Michael" (ethos).
    I believe this commercial is effective, because it reminds you of your past campaigns, and emotionally moves you to do it again, to achieve glory again, in the form of buying a PS3.

  15. Yvonne Lu 10B
    Coke Commercial: History Exam

    The method of persuasion in this commercial is mostly pathos (emotion) and some Ethos (Identity). As the young man lies asleep, characters from his history textbook come alive. It’s not until Da Vinci comes along that the dream world opens the bottle that will get the teenager awake and moving. This method is very creative, and it is just plain fun to look at it. Obviously there exists no logical appeal. However, Coca Cola uses this idea to create a story for the audience. It has a plot that captures our attention. It appeals to our emotions because after we look at it, we can’t stop but feel light and happy. The tagline even explains it - “open happiness”. This line serves to tell us that with the coke bottle closed, nothing much can be achieved. However, when we uncap the bottle, we experience happiness by drinking it. This commercial also uses Pathos because it’s main target is the younger generation. Many students experience pressure from school work. Coca Cola tries to convince us students that life may be tough, but coke is the key to happiness and it is our remedy. Hopefully, It can make some students (us) smile. I think this is pretty effective because it is just fun and interesting to look at. We as students can kind of connect to the young man in this commercial because we also have to go through a lot of exams, and we often look to little things in life that can make us happier, such as drinking coke.

  16. Vincent Chou 10B
    This is a commercial about cheese and what its supposed to do to people.

    This commercial talks about a mouse trying to get a a piece of cheese. Its rather funny because the director of the commercial used music to help display what was going on. This commercial gives you the feeling of pathos especailly because of the music. when the mouse is just frolicking around the music is very jolly, when he is supposdely killed, its very sad, and when he revives its rock music.

    I think this commercial is effective because its so memorable. The ending of it its quite funny, with the mouse doing the workout. Personally, i would buy this cheese just because the commercial is funny.

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  18. Samuel Wang 10A

    This commercial is mainly using ethos and a bit of pathos.
    The commercial shows some real life interviews of people who used SHAMWOW and had experienced good results. Also, it gives examples of how people will use it everyday, such as using it as a bathmat, dish-mat, and car rag. The way that the SHAMWOW guy uses it seems real, like how he really spilled coke on the mat, and the SHAMWOW just soaked it right up, or a water spill gone in a few seconds. The way the guy was trying to sell the product seemed really confident, and convincing, it makes the product look very reliable and worth your money.
    I think this commercial is VERY effective, because they have real examples shown to the audience on the commercial, and a interview from those who bought it.I would definitely buy SHAMWOW because it seems soooooo good.

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI9_BTm41MI
    This commercial is using ethos and pathos to raise drivers and passengers’ awareness to buckle up, as it might save your life. This video effectively shows the negativity and the consequences of those who did not wear their seatbelts. Grave and solemn music started to play as the spirits of the people inside the car were leaving their mortal body, and entering Heaven. However, unlike his other companions, whose spirit had already left their body, a man’s spirit was not able to break free. The hand of his spirit was trying to pull out the buckle that he is wearing, but gave up as it re-enter back to his body. The heavy breathing of the man shows that he is back alive, and he grabs his seat belts, indicating that it saved his life. This commercial is very impactful without uttering a single word, it uses shocking and vivid images to grab the audience’s attention. You see it, and you understand immediately, with no extra explanation that wearing seat belt can save your life. Man can never realise how close he is to death until he experienced it. This commercial uses man's fear of death to reminds the audience how vulnerable a man’s life can be. The audience (us) will simply remember the importance of wearing a seat belt next time when he or she rides in a car.

  20. Jessica Lin 10A
    This is a commercial by 3M Company. It is persuading its audience to buy one of their products---the damage-free hooks.

    In this commercial, both pathos and ethos are being used to persuade customers to buy their products. In the beginning, a problem is presented to the audience---a man had damaged his wall by drilling holes and using bad quality hooks. Most people will then predict that he will solve the problem by repainting the wall. However, the solution was totally unexpected---he drew a painting of Marilyn Monroe. This creates a humorous sense which makes the commercial memorable. The music also provided a light and relaxed atmosphere. In the last few seconds of the commercial, it uses ethos to persuade people by saying the following taglines, “Unless you have such skills [of drawing Marilyn], otherwise, go buy these damage-free hooks”. It is suggesting that most people don’t have such skills, and thus it will be wiser to choose to buy their product.

    This commercial, to me, is very effective. It is not only creative and easy to understand, but it also gives a strong impression to the audience, which is the main purpose of advertising. Even though I had only seen it once in 2010, I still remember clearly about this commercial. Giving the customers such a deep impression will motivate them to buy the product since they believe it is convenient and useful in their daily lives.

  21. Chelsea Lee 10B

    This is a commercial that is advertising English lessons.

    Type of Persuaion: Pathos - Appeal to Emotion

    This commercial was hilarious and memorable. It was even the joke of the day at school. My friends and I would go up to each other and say, "What are you sinking about?" in our best German accent. This just goes to show how big of an impact a simple line from a commercial can have on the people who watch it.

    The advertising agency that produced this commercial was very creative. They let their audience have one big laugh instead of laughing the whole way through, I thought this was very smart. I also like how up until the coast guard said, “What are you sinking about?” I had no idea what this commercial was trying to sell. And it wasn’t until the very end of the commercial that I knew it was advertising English lessons.

    I found this commercial very effective, because after I had my laugh, I showed my friends whom then showed other people. This commercial was funny and actually makes sense (it could happen).

  22. Daniel Jiang 10B
    This commercial advertises the sale of Cola Cola to a audience that understands chinese.

    This commercial shows a group of people that are eating food. As they eat, firework like animations appear above their heads, representing the food they just ate. One of these people down a particularly dull food, resulting in an unimpressive display of fireworks. However, this is quickly changed when this person takes a swig of coke, that quickly sparks a series of animations that surpass all the previous ones. The commercial appeals to both Pathos (emotion) and Ethos (identity). the commercial implies that coke can amplify the tastiness of food and if you are a person who likes good food, you will buy coke.

    I think that this commercial is both interesting and memorable, and i will definitely consider buying a bottle of coke the nest time i go into a store.

  23. Vivian Wen 10B
    Nintendo DS Brain Training advert

    The commercial first uses logos as it introduces this new game on nintendo ds that can train your memory as it keeps your mind young and sharp. Interestingly, the film maker uses Julie Walters and Patrick Stewart, who are both above the age of 60. This shows that the filmaker is using ethos as it shows that the game is targeted toward elderlies, saying you could keep your brain young by playing this game.

    After I saw this commercial, my dad and I actually bought this game because both of us found the commercial very effective and we thought it would be a great way to train our brains.

  24. Jerry Yuan 10A
    This is a commercial that advertises a video game console called the PS3.

    Sony's commercial is using the advantages of pathos and ethos to convince people to buy their game consoles. By putting iconic video game characters from the Playstation franchise into the commercial, it is aiming at gamers and reminding them about the memorable times when they had a deep connection with the game characters they used to admire and like. The tagline "Long Live Play" also pulls people into liking video games again, further showing ethos. The commercial also uses pathos when each video character talks about their own heroic stories, culminating in revealing that it was "Michael"- a term representing every gamer- who was the real hero. These vivid stories create emotions for the viewer and also intensify the epic feeling around the commercial.

    The commercial is very effective in my opinion, due to the very high amount of views and its strong, unforgettable atmosphere of the commercial. It included many characters that are loved by many fans, and the music contributed to the intense dramatism. I even felt goosebumps when I was watching it!

  25. David Liu 10B


    This commercial advertises about a fitness center/gym. Its a video of what you would look like and what would happen to you if you were out of shape. In this video, there is a very fat dad who carries his baby around in his arms. He baby mistakes his chest as a women's breast. This commercial uses pathos. It kind of warns us that if you don't keep your body in shape, you may end up like this and you obviously do not want to end up like the fat dad in the video. The tag line of the video is "Get In Shape" and then it shows the fitness place where you should for "health and wellness". I think this commercial is convincing because it shows you a problem and then directly gives you a solution of what to do about it. It recommends you to get in shape at their fitness gym where you will be healthy and well. This commercial is also funny and memorable which makes it more effective toward the audience.

  26. Richard Chiang 10A

    This ad is trying to persuade people to join the army and show how strong the army is.

    This advertisement mainly uses pathos in the form of a thick surly voice that sounds mature and husky. This voice makes the viewer feel mature and strong, secure and steadfast. They also have music and all, the trumpets sounding like the American idea. It makes my goosebumps rise and feel patriotic. They also have a tagline of "There's strong, but then there is Army strong". What this tagline does is that it strikes this memorable tagline into the heart of the watchers, making them feel strong themselves (or want to be like that). The ad also uses ethos, persuading the viewers that they should be strong morally and physically, to share the brotherly power that soldiers acquire when they join the army.
    I think this advertisement does a really awesome job of striking a memorable and emotional response to viewers (or its just me). It made me want to get over there to the army and do better than before. Not only the be strong, but to be ARMY STRONG.

  27. Linda Hung 10B
    This is a Kit Kat commercial.

    This commercial is using Pathos because it appeals to humor. This commercial talks about how eating Kit Kat can make one relax and have wild imaginations. The music used in this video, although not in English, sounds quite jolly which shows how Kit Kat can make a person happy, and only the person who ate it can be happy. Their tag-line, "Have a break, have a Kit Kat." shows how Kit Kat is good to eat and that people can actually relax and have fun while eating it.

    Personally, I think this commercial is quite effective since it's really funny and easy to remember. I personally love to eat Kit Kat, sadly there's not many places that sell Kit Kat in Taiwan. The commercial is enjoyable to watch and it would motivate me to go buy a Kit Kat, if there was a place selling it.

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  29. Gloria Sheu 10A
    The product that is advertised is the newest Nokia Lumia 800 Smart phone.

    This advertisement uses the ethos method of persuasion because it appeals to character. Using people of different ages, the smart phone commercial shows the wide audience it focuses on, emphasizing the various ways that the smart phone can be used. Many images and clips in the video show teenagers and adults (common people, in general) dancing, having fun, being creative. These people are shown to be successful, popular, and stylish, which persuades the audience to buy the smart phone in order to be all of the above. Also, the commercial uses different scenarios and pictures/ clips to portray the effectiveness of the high-quality smart phone. This method of ethos persuasion, appealing to character, convinces the audience that they are the kind of person that would want to buy a smart phone; in other words, it buys their sense of identity.
    I think this commercial is very persuasive, because it seems to show stylish and modern side of this phenomenon. Also, the commercial emphasizes the happiness and ardency that would come from purchasing the smart phone, which is what anyone would want.
    Personally, I am already persuaded to purchase a Nokia Lumia 800 SmartPhone!

  30. Albert Liao 10B

    An iPhone 3G Commercial:

    This commercial uses Logos Reasoning. It displays a wide variety of applications that run on Apple's iOS system while showing you how fast the phone is. It aims for not only business people, but also for families, teenagers and the elderly. It is aimed for everyone actually, because it has so many apps one can configure their iPhone so that it is personally theirs. What I mean by that is the applications they buy from Apple can be selective. People buy the apps they want.

    One main part of the "how" is the question in the very end...

    "Yep..there is 75,000 apps for just about anything... Only on the iPhone"

    This phrase stimulates a need for the phone since it is so powerful it can process just about anything.

    Yes. This method is very effective. It makes your statistical side of your brain calculate the scenarios you might have once you own that phone. You will think life is so much better with the phone. Apple's logos reasoning makes you think about the great strength of the smartphone. I would say, Apple is very good at persuading people to buy their products.

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  32. Erin Tao 10B
    This is a Colgate commercial persuading people to buy its toothpaste.

    This commercial uses Logos because it provides factual evidence to persuade the customer into buying the product. It uses visuals to show the major decrease of bacteria on one's teeth after using the Colgate toothpaste, just after 12 hours. It also provides a list of the bad things that can happen to your teeth (cavities, bad breath, gum problems, etc) and how Colgate toothpaste can minimize all of those.
    The commercial also uses ethos to persuade customers to buy the toothpaste because the main character in the video smiles after using the toothpaste and says that she no longer has to worry about her smile. It tells the audience that if you want a beautiful, healthy, smile, you should buy this brand of toothpaste.
    I think that this commercial is effective because it isn't overwhelming with complicated facts; it simply and straightforwardly tells you the benefits of using the brand of toothpaste. And I believe that mostly everyone wants nice teeth, so the commercial effectively targets a large audience.

  33. Johnny Lee 10A
    This commercial is attempting to persuade people into buying their anti-virus
    First off this commercial uses Pathos appeal, which is emotional appeal. They appeal to peoples emotions by giving off a light, cheerful feel. The cheerful feel derives from the cartoon styled animations and the color scheme.
    Second, and lastly, this commercial also uses a minuscule amount of Logos, which is logical reasoning. This commercial makes complicated ideas short and explains to their audience in clear, simple to understand methods, graphic representations. This sums up the main selling point and the benefits of the product.
    In sum, this commercial is convincing because it simplifies ideas for their audience. This commercial could be appealing to their costumers because its has a light cheerful feel and the cartoons are interesting.

  34. Eric Wang 10B
    Shera - The Flexy Board

    This commercial uses pathos (emotion) to gain attention and become memorable. Through a simple love story that ends in tragedy, the viewer gains the urge to buy their ceiling tiles to prevent such saddening events from transpiring. However, the commercial also contains humor as such event is obviously not very likely to occur, and that the whole plot was pretty random overall. With both the elements of sympathy and humor, the commercial becomes memorable to its viewers.
    Personally, I found this advertisement memorable, but not effective. I believe that after people see this, they would most likely just talk about the ad with interest, but not the product it is selling. It would be better if they used logos (reason) for such a product, since what is important about ceiling tiles are the durability, thus being emotional to ceiling tiles isn't very suitable for this.

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  36. Yuan Chao 10B

    This commercial is trying to convince people to buy Pepsi. It uses pathos because it appeals to humor. The commercial is funny because it is very unlikely that this will actually happen, which makes it memorable. It also uses music that fits the background, with an interesting start.

    Overall, I think this commercial pretty effective. Although it doesn't use logos, to persuade people to buy it, its memorable to all of us. Also, this commercial isn't complicated so it is easy to understand. By making the commercial funny it makes it easier for people to remember it. It is enjoyable to watch and it will motivate me to buy a bottle of Pepsi.

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  38. Alvin Lee 10A

    This commercial is an advertisement for a first-person shooter game.

    This commercial uses pathos to attract and persuade people to buy their product by showing off the game's latest graphical enhancements/technology and the immersive gaming atmosphere. The epic realism of the game and intensive background music affects the audience's emotions because of the excitement from the revolutionary graphical update. This shows how the commercial uses Pathos (emotion)to attract the fans and gamers of the franchise.

    Personally I thought that the commercial was pretty effective. The advertisement was not only able to show the product's unique features, but also persuade the fans of the franchise to purchase the game. This advertise can be seen as an effective ad because it successfully persuaded me and quite a few of my classmates to purchase it.

  39. Jesse Chen 10A
    This is a commercial for 5 Gum, a popular gum brand in the US.

    This commercial uses pathos to grab the attention of the audience by showing an unrealistic atmosphere where it is very exciting and vivid. The dramatic commercial excites the audience and makes the commercial unique and memorable. Its color scheme was a very important part of the effect, as clashing colors of blue and red make for very intense experience.

    I believe that this commercial was very effective because I bought it as well my brother , because we really wanted to see if it was even a semblance of the commercial. It persuaded not only us, but many of my friends as well.

  40. Bobo Liu 10B
    Old Spice Body Wash Commercial

    This commercial strongly uses ethos, as it tries to promote how it will make a woman's man better. This can also be convincing to men because it tells what women would want, and it says that this body wash will give those qualities. It does this by showing that a man that smells good can offer you a vacation trip on a boat, with tickets to whatever a women might want to go to, and diamonds. In a way it is also pathos because it uses very random things, like a horse.

    This is sort of effective because it targets what the consumer might want, and it targets both genders to buy it. It isn't even that complicated, the commercial pretty much just threw things out that a person might want.

  41. Justin Cho 10B
    Xbox commercial

    Ethos is a strong factor of this commercial. Assuming that they were targeting mostly male teenagers/young adults, the producers decided to use humor and a hint of violence -- as these two forms of entertainment are what most spend their money on.

    Alongside ethos there is a small logos argument stating indirectly that in video games, you can be violent without actually being violent in reality, made clear with the non-lethal finger guns.

    This commercial is very effective in my opinion; I feel tempted to buy an Xbox now.

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