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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Detecting Bias

Here is the power point on bias I gave you.

Detecting Bias.

Your Tasks:

1. Comment.
Find an example of a movie, tv show, or game that participates in the Smurfette Principle or Racial / Sexual Tokenism.

  •  Link to it in your comment
  • Explain who the main characters are
  • Write a paragraph reflecting on how the show would be different with more diversity of gender, race, or sexuality.
  • Include your name!
2. Choose one of your favorite movies or video games. Apply the Bechdel Test.
  • Create a 3-5 minute presentation explaining to what extent it passes the test.
  • Give details on whether the female characters are stereotypes
  • Reflect on whether they are well rounded characters.
We will choose our focus movies and games in class since I don't want repeats.


  1. Adrienne Chang 10A

    Ratatouille: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0382932/

    Ratatouille is a movie about a young rat, Remy, who travels to Paris to find his cooking idol. After learning that his idol is dead, his adventures with a restaurant’s garbage boy begins, despite the doubts and hatred that surrounds him. This movie is an example of the Smurfette Principle because of the 18 characters in the movie, only 1 of them, Colette, a supporting role, is female.

    The two main characters are Remy and Alfredo Linguine. Remy, the lead characters, is a rat who moves to Paris to follow his passion: food. When he travels to Paris to find his hero, Chef Auguste Gusteau,a famous chef, who turns out to have died. Remy befriends Alfredo Linguine, a garbage boy,who turns out to be Auguste Gusteau’s son and heir to the restaurant. He is a clumsy and terrible cook, but with the help of Remy, they both achieve their dreams.

    Although the show has characters of different ethnicities and genders, they only play supporting roles and are heavily sterotyped. One such character is Colette, the only female character of the 18 characters that appear in this movie. She is portrayed as a mother figure to Alfredo. Another character is Skinner, a young African-American who is shown to not have a lot of moral integrity. If the movie had more diversity, the possibilities would be endless. Instead of French cuisine, the story could be based on soul food and have a far different theme than that of Ratatouille. If there was more diversity in gender, the characters may have different problems that have been far less explored than the problems of the typical white, male main character.

  2. Gary Lin 10B

    21 Jump street:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1232829/

    21 Jump Street is about two underachieving cops sent back to high school to solve a drug case. This movie is an example of the Smurfette Principle because there is only one major female Character called molly, and she is so unimportant that we do not even know her last name.

    The two main characters are Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko. They both attended the same high school, while Morton was a nerd and Greg was a jock. The two former classmates met again in the policy academy and became friends and work partners. They expected to have a thrilling career after graduating from the policy academy, however they were appointed as some random park police. After their first, but failed criminal arrest, the two cops were introduced to a program for underachieving cops to work undercover in a high school.

    Although the show has many characters of different ethnicities and genders, they only play supporting roles and are painfully stereotypical. An example of this is the smart Asian nerd who helped out Greg in his investigation. Another would be the African Americans in this film, in this film there is only three African Americans, and it just some how coincidental that one is a drug dealer. If there was more diversity in gender,and ethnicity, I think the story could be more well rounded and less stereotypical, and the plot would not be the cliche theme of white people being the heroes of the story.

  3. 10B Albert Liao

    Men In Black 3

    The main characters of the movie are Agent K, Agent O, Agent J, and Boris the Animal. Agent K and J are partners who help each other while teaming up to save the world. Agent O, the only girl main character, is in love with Agent K. Agent K and J team up to go back in time to stop Boris the Animal from destroying the earth by killing young Agent K, who saved the world during that time.

    The movie would have been different if the movie had more female characters since there is only one. I think the plot of the movie would have been changed so that a lot of characters team up to fight Boris the Animal. However, through going back in time, it is partnership that drove Agent J to save Agent K. If Agent J were a girl, viewers might think Agent J is in love with Agent K or vice versa. However, with more female characters, the movie would have been more interesting since there are more things to talk about other than just men since they are on a mission to save the world from alien attacks.

  4. Avery Ni 10B

    Kung Fu Panda 1 is about a group of trained animals who fight the evil. Po, the main character, teams up with his friends to stop Tai Lung, the evil snow leopard from taking over.

    The main characters are Po and his group of animal fighter friends. The story does not go into much detail of the characters backgrounds except for Po's. Po is a clumsy panda who had been adopted at a young age by a goose. He later accidentally joins the fighting crew and becomes the Dragon Warrior. In order to become a Dragon Warrior, he begins to train with his new friends to stop the evil Tai Lung. Within the 5 other fighters (Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane), only Tigress is a female. This clearly demonstrates the Smurfette Principle as she is the only female in the story. However, her skills actually exceed many of the others, making her a very unique character.

    The story would not have made a difference if the genders of the characters were changed. This is because the characters are portrayed through animals, and gender does not come into a problem within the story. However, it is different with diversity. The animals picked for the movie are all "Chinese" animals. For example, the crane, panda, monkey, mantis are all unique representatives of the Chinese wildlife (almost found no where else). In addition, the idea that kung fu fighting must happen in a Chinese setting is also heavily stereotyped.

    1. Hi Avery! Actually, Viper is female, too!

  5. Vincent Chou 10B

    Halo: Reach

    Halo Reach is a futuristic first person shooting game based around an elite squad of genetically modified human super soldiers, known as "Noble Team." The plot is based on various ways on how Noble Team sacrificed themselves in order to ensure victory over the alien race bent on destroying the human race, the Covenant. The main characters in this game are Carter, the team captain, Emile, the CQC expert, Kat, the 2nd in command and the only female in the team, Jorge, the heavy weapons guy, Jun the sniper, and Noble Six, the character you play as. This game is an example of the Smurfette Principle because in the whole team there is only 1 female, and in the whole game, there is only 1 other- a scientist.

    I think this game is already quite diverse in sense of race, but many are stereotypes, such as Emile is a reckless black guy who says "You wanna piece of me" and fights a lot, while Jorge is a big bearlike guy with more compassion. However, I think that another female character, maybe a pilot, would be interesting, because you never know what Kat is thinking in her mind- you never see her talking to other women.

  6. Evan Lee 10A

    The Expendables

    The Expendables is a action movie revolved around a band of mercenaries. The main characters are Barney Ross(Sylvester Stallone) and Lee Christmas(Jason Statham), who're both mercenaries and their backgrounds are both unexplained.

    The Expendables has diversity in race but lacks a diversity of gender and sexuality. All of the men in the movie are very masculine and could all be considered alpha males, but there was only one woman, thus making this movie an example of the Smurfette Principle. With diversity in gender and sexuality this movie wouldn't cause people's testosterone level to jump, though the addition of a female mercenary would have been interesting since it's not often that you see a masculine women. With changes made this movie may be very different, but if you watch the movie as it is, cats will turn to lions, dogs will become wolves, gold fish will become sharks and men will gain 6-packs, a goatee, and 50 pounds of muscle.

    1. Heh...nice use of humor here. You know that it's the FEMALE lions who do most of the hunting, right? Not exactly the most testosterone filled animal example.... :)

  7. Michael Lo 10A

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person action shooter game. The main characters are Soap and Jackson. They are both white males. However, through the game you see a diversity of male characters. One of your commander is an African American. This is tokenism. To fix this issue, the game could make you play as another character fighting a long with the main character. This doesn't change the story line because the person is fighting a long with the main. The person could also interact with the main in cut scenes in ways without changing the plot.

  8. Jerry Yuan 10A

    Dead Space:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAiHfqnbGYo&feature=relmfu&hd=1

    Dead Space is a game about a ship crew trying to fight their way out of groups of monsters called Necromorphs after receiving a distress call from a problematic mining ship, the USG Ishimura. The game demonstrates the Smurfette Principle because the crew's computer specialist Kendra Daniels is the only female in the whole crew.

    The main character is an engineer specialist named Isaac Clarke, who witnessed the infestation outbreak along with the rest of his crew, including Commander Zach Hammond, Kendra Daniels, and pilots Chen and Johnston. After they are trapped on the Ishimura and several crew members are killed, Isaac learns that the infestation was caused by an alien artifact called the Marker. However Kendra reveals herself as a covert government agent who is sent to retrieve the Marker, betraying Isaac in turn, showing the stereotype that portrays women as people suitable for espionage.

    Although the game has a sense of diversity, such as having Zach Hammond as an African American and Chen as an Asian, it would be much different from the original if the game was much more diverse in race and gender. If most of the outbreak's victims weren't white, then the human Necromorphs emerging from the infestation would have different ethnicities. Aside from race, female Necromorphs were rarely seen throughout the game, showing that the game is much more focused on including males than females.

  9. Emily Cheng 10A


    The main characters, in How to Train your Dragon, are Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup is an unusual viking who tries to understand the dragons rather than killing them. Vikings are suppose to be strong and fierce, but Hiccup does not fit into his society because he is rather weak. But Hiccup has the ability to communicate with the dragons and to see them as a real being. Hiccup’s best friend dragon, Toothless, is known as one of the few night furies. They are best buddies and they work together till the very end.

    There were only two girls in the movie. First one is Astrid and the second one is Ruffnet. For gender, girls were the minority and did not play major roles in the movie. Even though Astrid is counted as a more major character, she still showed up much less than all the other minor characters. Ruffnet just didnt even show up as much, so we know nothing about her. For racism, I’m not sure because they are vikings. But I thought the movie was okay the way it is. Last but not least, for sexism, the movie didn't show as much but there still are. Astrid is supposed to be attractive to all the guys, because she’s small, skinny, and pretty. But she’s tougher than all the guys in the movie! But still, girls were played as ‘needed to be protected’ people and more useless when its comes to fighting dragons.

    Overall, Astrid and Ruffnet are not even close to being well rounded characters, because we basically know nothing about them. But if there were more diversity in gender, i believe that the movie would become much more interesting and the characters would be more fully developed.

    1. Sometimes I feel like characters like this show superficial differences from gender roles (she's tough! She fights!), but end up telling girls "You can be whatever you want to be....as long as you make sure that you're cute, skinny, and what you want is to fall in love with the main guy at the end."

  10. Ricky Kim 10A
    Madagascar 1 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0351283/
    In the movie Madagascar, the main characters are Alex the lion, Gloria the hippo, Melman the Giraffe, Marty the Zebra, and some penguins, lemurs, and monkeys. The four animals with names are best friends and was celebrating Marty's birthday, but Marty is not happy and decides to leave the zoo to experience being wild. His friends naturally look for him all over New York, and when they get caught by animal protection, they are shipped to Africa, but during the process, their cargo falls into the ocean and lands on Madagascar, and their adventure begins. Alex is sort of the leader and the arrogant one in this group. Melman is the one who acts very friendly but also in a very hippie like way. Marty likes to party and try new things, like being in the wild. Gloria is the only female character and can be seen as a tough motherly role, she cares for everyone's safety and demands them to behave.
    This movie applies to the Smurfette Principle for Gloria is the only female character surrounded by the male characters throughout the whole movie. If there were more diversity for instance female characters, I'm guessing this story would have been changed to more of a couple and romance story, rather than a adventure story based on being marooned on an alien place and trying to find a way back home.

    1. Hey Ricky! Female characters are good for more than romance. Really, they are! :)

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  12. Johnny Lee 10A

    Transformers 1 - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0418279/

    This movie talks about the life of a college freshman Sam Witwicky. Sams father bought him a seemingly cheap car that was later revealed to be an alien robot that transforms. Asteroids later land on earth and turned out to be Sam's car's comrade. The robots are to protect a major source of energy called the AllSpark from the enemy robots, the Decepticons. The major characters of this story are Sam Witwicky, Mikaela Banes, and the Auto-bots which only consists of male robots except for two females robots that only had a screen time of 39 seconds before being blown up.

    I feel like race-wise, the movie actually has a huge variety from a certain point of view. The robot's vehicle forms are technically it's "race". In the movie there wasn't a single repeated vehicle, so its pretty diverse in that aspect. However, sex-wise, the movie is a definite lackluster. The existence of the female character Mikaele Banes seems to just be served as an eye-candy. They made sure to hire a attractive female character to attract more male audiences. In fact, I didnt even know her name in the movie until I searched it up for this assignment. This movie would have given the audience a much more intricate emotional response and would be a lot less bland with more un-stereotypical females and diverse sexuality. We might feel sad when we see straight couples break up in a typical romance movie. However, how would we feel if we see gay couples break up? That would be a completely new feeling for the audiences to experience.

    1. Good points! However, I've got to point out that having multiple types of Autobots does not count as diversity of race...

  13. Steven Chen 10B

    Hunger Games: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1392170/

    This movie is set in a future distopian society where a dictatorial Capitol controls 12 surrounding Districts. A "Hunger Games" is hosted every year where the Capitol selects a boy and a girl from each District to fight to the death in the Capitol on live television. The main character Kadniss is a brave and smart girl who masters in archery that replaced her sister as the representative of her District to participate in the Hunger Games, along with a bakery boy called Peeta.

    This movie is one of those exceptional movies where there is no cliche bias on races and gender as well as archetypes. Each District sends out 1 girl and one boy, which makes it balanced already, and out of all the contestants there were all kinds of races: Caucasians, Asians, and African Americans. Thus, the show would not be different if it was more diverse because it is diverse already, and gender/racial discrimination is nowhere seen in the movie. Not only that, this movie breaks through many cliches, including the one male protagonists are usually the ones "saving the world." In this movie, Kadniss, the female protagonist, is the one that is the hero of the movie, and Peeta would not have survived the game if it wasn't for Kadniss's rescues.

  14. Bobo Liu 10B

    Batman:The Dark Knight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y2szViJlaY

    The main characters in the story are Batman, Rachel, Harvey, and the Joker. Batman is the existing hero of Gotham of the time, and he watches as Harvey rises as a hero as well. The Joker is the bad guy, and he manages to transform Harvey into a bad guy. In the whole story, Rachel is just a typical superhero girlfriend that is always getting in trouble and needs to be saved.

    The overall plot of the movie is not that complex, so the movie wouldn't change that much if there were more women in the story. The only major female in the movie is Rachel, as she has a connection with the even more major male characters. If one more of the main characters were female, the emotions and feelings would probably be different, but it still wouldn't change that much of the story.

  15. Richard Chiang 10A

    Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


    Frodo Baggins, a hobbit that is sent on a quest to destroy the ring. Sam Gamgee, who sis Frodo's sidekick who helps him on his journey. Pippin Took, also a sidekick of Frodo's. Legolas Greenleaf is an elf that is sent to help Frodo. There is also Aragorn, who helps Frodo. Then there is Gollum who helps/ impedes the hobbits' travels. Then tthere is the grey wizard Gandalf who helps the hobbits, and the dark wizard Saruman who fights the group with orcs. Then there is Boromir, who sacrifices himself saving the hobbits.

    Well, this story is mainly based off of male characters. For example, all the hobbits are male, except one. And the main characters are all male, like Gimli, Aragorn, Gandalf, Saruman, all the orcs, and all the ringwraiths, uruks, goblins, and ents (well all of them with male voices). One of the few girls in the movie is an elf, who is only used to be pretty and feminine, to flirt with Aragorn, who is Arwen, an elf. IT would mainly be different in the fact that the movie would be less based on war and fighting and more friendly and home like.


    1. Hey Richard! Yes, it always bugged me that NOT ONE of the 9 members of the fellowship of the ring was a female. However, in real life, females as well as males have to deal with invasion and war and all the things that LOTR was addressing in its fantasy setting. Sure, many countries don't allow women in their armies, but the wars and invasions happen in PLACES...where presumably, half the population is female. So, including more women's responses to Mordor's aggression wouldn't necessarily make the movie more "friendly" unless you're stuck on the stereotype that women are just passive all the time.

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  17. Vivian Wen 10B
    The Adjustment Bureau http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1385826/

    An ambitious politician called David Norris sees his destiny when he meets a group of people called the Adjustment Bureau. The Adjustment Bureau writes people's fate for them, and make sure it goes according to plan. At the same time, David meets this extraordinary dancer called Elise Sellas who he eventually fell in love with, and decides to go against the plan of what the Adjustment Bureau had already set for him. Richardson and Harry both works at the Adjustment Bureau but are two very different people. Richardson does not allow David to go off course at all by keeping an eye on him every second, whereas Harry is a kind hearted man who helps David achieve his dreams by giving him the ability to travel from one place to another in an blink of an eye.

    Throughout the whole film, Elise was the only female character who appeared in the movie. In my opinion, I believe the filmakers made a good choice by not adding more females. Instead of the audience being distracted by another female friend who Elise complains to, Elise is clearly shown as the main cause/object of this event. And lastly, over the course of this entire movie, you can hardly remember seeing any other colour of race besides from white people. Harry is the only person who works in the Adjustment Bureau with a dark coloured face. I'm assuming the filmaker did this to make Harry stand out as an unique and kind person surrounded by white men who objects to the idea of free will. But if they added in more people with different race, it would make the movie not only more natural, realistic and more non-racist.

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  19. Yvonne Lu 10B


    Vantage Point is a movie about the assassination of the US President and the series of terrorist attacks during an anti-terrorist summit in Spain. The sequence of events is viewed through the eyes of many characters, including the media, the Secret Service, an American tourist, the local police chief, the President, and the terrorist group. Each “vantage point” offers a different piece of the puzzle.

    Most of the primary characters are male. All the secret service agents are male, Howard is the tourist, Enrique is the police chief, and four out of five terrorists are men. The only terrorist that is not male is Veronica, which makes her special amidst all the men. Of the rest of the females in the movie (including the little girl and the tv reporter) she is most integral to the plot. However, she’s not given a story of her own “vantage point” since she shares the POV with the rest of the terrorists.

    The story would definitely appeal more to women if there were more females. This movie actually offers a great opportunity for Veronica in this action film (as a terrorist). She is not a woman heavily loaded with stereotypes in this movie, and it’s interesting to see women take on brave roles that require a lots of action. I think there wouldn’t be much of a change if some characters were changed to women (like one of the secret service men, or a police chief) because this isn’t a movie with lots of personality attached to characters. It’s about brave people chasing down bad people to protect their president. But still, it would be interesting to see women overcome their stereotypes and take on roles that are reserved for men.

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  21. Eric Wang 10B
    Predators (2010)

    In the film Predators, the main characters include Royce (former black ops), Cuchillo (Mexican drug cartel enforcer), Nikolai (Spetsnaz soldier), Isabelle (Israel Defense Forces sniper), Mombasa (Revolutionary United Front officer), Stans (death row inmate), Hanzo (Yakuza enforcer), Edwin (psychopathic murderer/doctor), and Noland (air assault soldier). The plot of the film is that several individuals skilled in killing are gathered around the planet Earth by aliens known as "Predators" to be hunted as a sport/game.

    The film follows the Smurfette Principle, as Isabelle is the only female throughout the whole film alongside a handful of male characters. As for racial tokenism, it doesn't really apply for this film, since there are people from all over the world included (Japanese, African, Russian, American, British, Mexican, etc.). I believe that with more diversity of gender, the film might run to a different direction, although I am not certain which. As for diversity of race, I believe there is no need to further expand it, as it is doing fine on that already.

    1. Haven't seen it, but let me guess...the non-white characters get killed off before the end of the movie. Am I right?

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  23. Gloria Sheu 10A
    The Notebook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ0eGbOS3Cg

    The Notebook is a tragic yet romantic story about two young lovers, Allie Hamilation and Noah Calhoun. Their love story starts at a carnival, where they meet for the first time and fall in love. However, as they secretly enjoy each other's company, Allie's parents forbid the relationship; they believe that a rich girl with a higher authority/ position should not date a poor boy. So, Allie is moves away, leaving Noah heartbroken. Noah tries to stay in touch with Allie, sending her letters every day, but she doesn't reply. Allie, meets Lon who eventually becomes her fiancee. However, she still has feelings for Noah. One day, she sees a picture of Noah on the newspaper and decides to visit him to see how he's doing. As they spend time together, they both realize that they still love each other. Allie, then, has to choose between Lon and Noah. Through conflicting periods of contemplation, she picks Noah; at the end, and they die happily and peacefully together in a nursing home, side by side.

    The main characters in the movie are Allie Hamilation and Noah Calhoun. Allie is a young woman who comes from a privileged family, who falls in love with Noah. However, she is unable to be with him due to her parents standards for her. She is stereotyped as a rich and pretty girl who is shown to be rebellious, caring, loving. In that time, however, she had a higher position than Noah. The main male character is Noah, who is a poor boy that works hard as a construction worker to earn his life savings.

    The movie would have been very different if there were more female characters; there would have been more expression of feelings, and different point of views shown. Although the sexuality in the Notebook is somewhat reversed in reality, the plot would have been very different if the roles of men and women were switched. They would have treated each other much differently. If Noah had been shown as a rich and powerful man, as Allie was, they would have been able to be together at the beginning.

  24. Jonathan Chang 10B

    Kirby's Return to Dream Land is a video game which involves the usage of cartoons and a fictional universe. Kirby's world, Dream Land, is usually conquered and terrorized by King Dedede. In each Kirby game, Kirby has to go through several side-scrolling levels similar to the Mario game style, and Kirby has to beat enemies by swallowing them or using special abilities. Usually in the end, Kirby restores Dream Land to its former glory.

    The Main Character in Kirby is Kirby. It is a pink balloon with two feet and small chubby arms. Kirby is not a human, nor does he resemble the stereotypical alien we see in several franchises such as "Alien" and "Predators". Kirby does not affect anyone in terms of stereotypical or tokenism. He is a cartoon made entirely of imagination.

    I think Kirby would be very different if it was a human instead. Considering from a subjective point of view, humans tend to have a larger impact on perspective rather than aliens. I think if Kirby was female, it would affect the un-traditional heroine perspective. He would be perceived differently in many cultures.

    1. Jonathan, you're supposed to analyze a movie or game that includes some references to gender or race, so that you have something to say about it.

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl1AAb1SLiM

    the link

  26. David Liu 10B
    The Avengers

    The Avengers is a movie about a group of super heroes fighting a group of evil aliens to save the world. In the team of 6 super heroes, there is only one female, the Black Widow. This movie clearly has the Smurfette Principle since their is only one main female character.

    In the Avengers, the team of super heroes are all white. If the show had included different races such as black dudes or Asian dudes, it would make The Avengers much more entertaining to watch. It would be more entertaining because its fun to watch how different people of different race interact and work with one another. If there was this racial diversity in the movie, it would be much better.

    1. What about it would be better?

  27. Chelsea Lee 10B
    The TV Show I Chose: Hawaii 5.0
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruKODTVxy3E

    “The 101 on Hawaii 5.0”
    Reserve naval officer Steve McGarrett has come back to his home state, Hawaii, to investigate the death of his father who was also a cop before he was murdered. The governor of Hawaii has decided to create a special task force called Hawaii Five-0 and wants Steve to run it. Hawaii 5.0 is a remake of the 1968 CBS tv show of the same name (Hawaii Five-0) and the producers have kept many components of the original one while incorporating more modern ideas into to it too. (Ex: Most Hawaii Five-0 episodes would end with McGarrett saying, “Book ‘em Danno.” The Steve McGarrett in Hawaii 5.0 also says that line a lot.)

    “The Five-0 Team”
    Steve McGarrett: Determined, self driven, detective who leads the Hawaii Five-0 task force.

    Chin Ho Kelly: Former HPD (Hawaii Police Department) officer who was fired when he was accused of loitering thousands of dollars belonging to a crime scene. McGarrett invites him to join Hawaii Five-0 because he believes that Kelly didn’t do it.

    Kono Kalakaua: College student, younger cousin of Chin Ho Kelly. Is invited by McGarrett to join Five-0 for extra credit.

    Danny “Danno” Williams: Recently relocated NYC detective and father of one, he is brought onto the team as Steve’s partner.

    “Kono, the Five-0 Smurfette”
    Hawaii 5.0 participates in the Smurfette Principal because Kono Kalakaua, Detective Chin Ho Kelly’s baby cousin, is the only girl on the Five-0 task force.

    Hawaii 5.0 has a pretty diverse cast. It is set in Hawaii so there as many Asian Americans as there are Caucasian Americans.
    Kono is the only recurring female main character on the show other than the governor of Hawaii. I think more main female characters could definitely bring a different perspective to the TV show since the show is based mostly on the lives of the “very manly and very muscular” male detectives.
    Kono is a very well-rounded character, but the first time we see Kono she is wearing a bikini and that kind of shows that the show still thinks of women as eye-candy.
    There are no LGBT characters on the show.

  28. Eric Sun 10A
    Portal 2 Gameplay

    This section of Portal 2 is when Wheatley(the male AI) usurps the leader of Aperture Science(the facility), GLaDOS(the female AI). He managed to persuade Chell(main character) to help him, and so is able to initiate a core transfer, which removes GLaDOS and replaces her with Wheatley. Wheatley goes mad with power after around a minute.

    The main character, Chell, is a unspeaking female, and is the only real human alive in the series. Not much is known about her, except that she was chosen for high tenacity.

    Portal 2 would be very different if either GLaDOS or Wheatley was swapped out for a human, as it wouldn't fit the story. Chell, on the other hand, does not have many defining character traits, enabling her to be exchanged for another person, of different ethnicity or gender, as it doesn't affect the overall storyline.

    Finding Nemo 2003

    The main characters in the story are two clown fishes Nemo and his father Marlin, along with their best friend Dory who is an Pacific Regal Blue Tang. The story all begins when Nemo was on a field trip and his father, Marlin embarrasses him in front of his classmates. Nemo then disobeys his father and swims out to the forbidden area where boats travel. Nemo travels way too far, resulting in his capture by scuba divers. As the boat sails away with Nemo, the scuba diver accidentally knocks his diving mask into the water. The mask includes a address for where the diver might be taking Nemo. Marlin and Dory use this address to swim across oceans to find Nemo, this is where the adventures begin!

    Since the movie "Finding Nemo" had only one main character who was female, adding a few more female fishes to the story could change a bit. Such as deciding what to do, or how they should do it, because overall, guys and girls think different when it comes to the same situations. In the movie, there was no problem at all with race, since they were all FISH! And the same goes with sexuality, all FISH!

    1. Hi Sam! Actually, many animals, including fish, demonstrate homosexual behavior.


  30. Carole Sung 10B

    The main characters in the movie are Cobb, Arthur, Ariadne, Eames, Saito and Robert Fischer. Cobb, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a “thief” who enters one dream and extracts information from that person. He was accused for the murder of his wife, making him unable to visit his children so he was offered to have his old life back by Saito, as payment for implanting an idea in Robert Fischer’s mind.
    The smurfette principle can be applied because Ariadne is the only main female character in the movie. Ariadne, portrayed by Ellen Page, is a graduate student of architecture who constructs the dreams. I don’t think Inception would be a lot more different if there were more diversity in gender because diversity in gender, race or sexuality would not have a huge affect on the storyline/plot in inception and how the story progresses.

  31. Misty Lin 10B
    The main male characters in the movie are Jake Sully, the scientists, and the avatars that didn't welcome Jake. The main female character is Neytiri. Although there are other female characters, they didn't appear quite often. The mother of Neytiri is a motherly character, who cared for Neytiri's happiness more than other things. The female character who became an avatar with Jake, is more of a side character that helped Jake sometimes throughout the movie.
    The smurfette principle can be applied, because most of the time, Neytiri is with Jake and other male avatars, so she is considered the main female character.
    If there are more female avatars, the reason Jake would want to stay in the avatar world may changed. However, I don't think it will affect the movie plot too much, because Neytiri is the one that accepted him.

  32. Erin Tao 10B
    Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

    The main characters in the movie include Sean, Sean's stepfather, Kailani, Kailani's father, and Sean's grandfather. Sean, along with his mother's husband Hank, find the existence of a mythical island called the Mysterious Island. They join Kailani and her father on the journey, where they eventually find Sean's grandfather. Together, all five characters explore the island and eventually tries to find ways to go back home.

    This movie shows an example of the smurfette principle because there is only one woman in the main cast. There are other female characters, but they don't get much screenplay, and they are pretty much irrelevant to the plot.

    The movie would be slightly different if there were more females added to the main cast, because it wouldn't just be a group of men and a female sidekick trying to solve problems. However, I think that the movie already does an good job with the diversity in race, because there aren't all white men. Kailani and her father are Filipino/native but they aren't stereotypical characters.

  33. Linda Hung 10B
    Pirates of the Caribbean 1: The Curse of the Black Pearl

    The main characters in the movie are Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan, and Captain Barbossa. In the whole movie, Elizabeth is surrounded by many pirates who are all male. There were some extremely minor female characters in the movie which means they do not count, therefore making Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl having the Smurfette Principle.

    The minor female characters were also used to express how guys,Jack Sparrow specifically, likes to play around with girls. They wear the old-style dresses at the time period, but it is clearly shown that they are pictured as a stereotype since they are pretty.

    I would say that the movie should add in more female pirates, and ones who are tough. Maybe even add more girls into the main characters like Jack Sparrow's past lover, or maybe even Will Turner's. I believe that if they add more female characters, it would make the movie more interesting and fun to watch.

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  35. Jessica Lin 10A
    The Avengers Trailer:

    The Avengers is a movie about a group of superheroes---Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, who stop Thor’s adoptive brother Loki from subjugating the Earth.

    The Avengers demonstrates racial tokenism since all of the characters are white except for Nick Fury, who is the director of international agency S.H.I.E.L.D. In the movie, Fury actually plays an important role because he brings the superheroes together to form the Avengers. However, he does not appear often on screen and seems to be a flatter character compared to the superheroes. This movie is also an example of the Smurfette Principle because Black Widow is the only female character in the primary cast.

    This movie could be a lot more interesting if it had included more characters from other races. It would be really fresh and surprising for the audiences if black or Asian superheroes are presented in the movie. Also, if The Avengers included more major female characters, the movie could be more romantic than just being adventurous and heroic.

  36. Yuan Chao 10B
    The Big Bang Theory IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0898266/

    This tv show is about a woman moving into an apartment next door to Sheldon and Leonard who are brilliant but awkward physicists. The main characters in this tv show are Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Penny, Howard Wolowitz, and Raj Koothrappali.

    The Big Bang Theory demonstrates racial tokenism since all of the main characters are white except for Raj Koothrappali, who is an Indian. Throughout the whole tv show series, he doesn't speak well infront of women. He also doesn't show up as much as the other main characters. This tv show is also an example of the Smurfette Principal becuase there is only one major female character, Penny. The other male main characters like her throughout the whole tv series and try to get Penny to like them.

    I think this tv show could be better if they changed the races of some of the main characters. Not only would it be more interesting, but also I think more people would want to watch it. I also think that if they included another female character that is similar to Penny, the story line would be more interesting.

  37. Christopher Hsu 10B
    The Star Wars Trailer:
    The Star Wars is a movie about basically the good side versus the bad side over the control of the universe. All of the characters Luke, Anikan, R2D2, Yoda, Han, Chewbacca, are either machines, creatures or white males.The only exceptions are Princess Leia and a minor character Lando is African American. So it shows the Smurfette Principle and Racial Tokenism.

    If it was more racially and sexually diverse, I think that many decisions made int he story would have more perspective on minority groups. And also that with more female characters, it would make the whole series less cliche in the sense that Leia is the damsel in distress. And if there were more African American main characters, it would make the film way more appealing to other people.

  38. Alvin Lee 10A

    Battlefield 3:
    Battlefield 3 is a first person action shooter game. The main characters are two U.S. marines, Montes and Blackburn. The two are mistakenly accused of betrayal to the U.S. and taking part in a terrorist attack. Out of all the characters only one is a female and everyone else are either black or white men. However the majority of the characters are white men which reflects the Smurfette Principle and Racial Tokenism.

    If the developers added more diversity to the games characters, the atmosphere would definitely feel more realistic. After all women do serve in the military too. The games plot itself may also change if the main character is able to interact with other people in terms of race and gender. However this change would be minor because the ranking system in the military is not affected, and therefore decisions made by characters wouldn't be too different.

  39. Vicky Cheng 10A

    Cars is a movie about cars racing. Lightening McQueen, the main character, was racing for the trophy of the Piston Cup, along with The King and Chick Hicks. When he got trapped in Radiator Springs, a town in the middle of nowhere, Sally, his love interest, gave him lessons that changed his life values forever.

    There are only one major female character in this whole movie, which is Sally. She is heavily stereotyped, like any other movies, that have a male character that was about to change the world. She is seen as the one that gives advice and lessons to the main male character, helping him to reach to an epiphany that would lead to a happy ending.

    It could have been better if they include some female car racers, because racing is not a sport limited to men only. And to stop portray girls as hot, sexy show girls as a prize to be won. (eg, The Dinico show girls)

  40. Jesse Chen 10A

    Up is a movie about the adventures of Carl Fredricksen and Russell through a flying house in the air. When Carl was still young, he wanted to explore the world, but fell in love with Ellie instead. They got married and lived a happy life together. He kept his dreams, however, after she died and finally decided to fill his house with millions of balloons and fly in the comfort of his own home.
    There is one minor female character in this movie and she is a token character. She is not heavily stereotyped but she is there solely to exist as Carl's love interest/wife. She is slightly stereotyped in that she holds Carl back from doing what he really wanted to do.
    It would be interesting to see more adventurous girls defying what common stereotypes defined them as (neat, clean, proper, and easily scared) If Russell was changed to be a girl, it would have been a lot more eye-opening for many people as someone who is a girl can do many more things than what a guy could do.

    1. One thing this movie combated really well, though, is ageism! It was eye-opening for me to watch an elderly protagonist have an adventure...usually only the stories of young people get told in kids' movies.

  41. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvFk9ZWz4fc&feature=related

    Borderlands is a violent first-person role-playing shooter game. This is a story about four adventurers who hunt for a mythical treasure said to be left by aliens on their home planet, Pandora. The four main characters and protagonists are Brick, Roland, Mordecai, and Lilith.

    All of the characters in the game are male except for Lilith and another woman, Mad Moxy, who only appears for a while in an expansion pack. That makes Lilith the only female main character, and thus, the Smurfette Principle holds true for Borderlands.

    Lilith is, sadly, a token character. She wears a skin tight shirt with an extremely low collar which emphasizes her sexual features. Her hair is dark pink by default, and she is always wearing lipstick. Always. She is even called THE SIREN, which, in Greek mythology, is a succubus that is said to have a magical and mesmerizing voice that captivates all men.

    Despite being a female character, Lilith may as well have been Lawrence. If she were a he, it wouldn't have made a minimal difference. Lilith would only lose her sexuality. However, I'm glad she does break some stereotypes. Like the main character in Tomb Raider, she is a treasure hunter and a fighter, things that people don't normally associate with females.

    Overall, this game is really sexually biased. But not much equality can really be expected from a video game targeted at young and straight males.

  42. Assassin’s Creed 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a12e3iKzqlw

    Assassin’s Creed 2 is a game based in the Renaissance, a time where technological advances are common and with major powers coming and going. The main character is Ezio Auditore of Firenze, a character the player interacts with throughout the game; his story is that of revenge directed towards the new government in control called the Templars. These Templars have been long-time rivals of the cult called the Assassins, derived from the Arabic group formerly known as the “Hassassins”. These Assassins are guardians of an ancient treasure, a treasure they did not trust in the hands of mankind, thus resulting in it being put into hiding, the true location known to only but a few. Ezio’s story begins when the Templars discover Ezio’s family is a part of the Assassins, eventually arresting and executing most of his family except for him, his mother and his sister.

    This game is a relatively unbiased game, with women being commonly found throughout the city, some being incredibly intelligent women whom assist you in your quest and some being common people like prostitutes -- though these women are included in the game not to insult but to add a realistic element to the game, as prostitutes were common back then. Two major characters are obviously Ezio’s mother and sister, people whom Ezio talks to now and then to gather information about his quest. Both women prove to be strong and thoughtful, helping Ezio fight and plan for Templar skirmishes and assassinations.

  43. Jonathan Chang 10B

    Left 4 Dead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_Xz9aJ9yGY

    Left 4 Dead is a video game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic United States in America with zombies. The zombies are not the typical zombies we see in Romero's films, but rather the newer type of zombies that are infected with a "virus" which results in extreme speed and pain-tolerance. In Left 4 Dead, there are four survivors and you are allowed to control as any of the four. The game encourages teamwork and selflessness, because you have to protect your teammates and yourself at all times. The objective of the game is to get to the survivor safe zone.

    The characters in the game are Francis, Zoey, Bill, and Louis. All 4 are very cultural and not subject to Racial Tokenism. However, the Smurfette Principle does apply because Zoey is the only girl out of all the four characters. If the game developers included more females, it would not affect the game drastically, because the objective of the game over-shadows the character you actually use. However, it would always be nice to include another female character.