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Monday, September 30, 2013

Domestic Violence in House of the Spirits, Kitchen God's Wife, and Things Fall Apart


All three world lit books in our "Times of Great Social Change" unit depict graphic scenes of domestic violence, including rape. These are tough issues to talk about, but also important parts of these books.

First, I'd like you to think about why we don't censor these books here, despite these disturbing topics.

Next, I'd like you to consider this definition of "rape culture", and think of examples you might have seen.

How many men in Asia have raped someone?

Definition of rape culture

Analyzing Rape Culture

Victim Blaming: Abused Women Behind Bars

The legal system not protecting victims

Violence Against Women: It's a Men's Issue

Tough Guise: How Boys are Taught to be Violent

What evidence do we have of rape culture in these books? What in the societies shaped Wen Fu and Estaban Trueba into men capable of such systemic violence?

What are positive things that we--both guys and girls--can do to prevent sexual violence in our communities?

10 Things to End Rape Culture

How can we widen our views of "acceptable" masculinity and femininity? What do the novels tell us about ways to push the boundaries of the gender restrictions that keep us so narrowly defined?

source here.

Also--if time:

Violence against Women in Video Games

Gamers' response to critiques of violence

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