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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Various film versions of Macbeth

Shakespeare probably never imagined that students would be studying his plays in school. He wrote them for audiences seeing live performances at the Globe theater--so to truly understand these plays, we need to move from being readers to being audiences.

Unfortunately, we can't watch a live performance of Macbeth here in Taiwan. What we can do is watch film versions, which take the play and adapt it into a new genre.

As we watch, take notes on choices made by the director and actors as they interpret Shakespeare's text. Consider the following:

  • lighting
  • props, costumes
  • settings
  • actions of the actors added to the basic stage directions (blocking)
  • the ways the actors deliver the lines
  • what lines are cut out

Various versions of Macbeth besides the two we watch in class:

Patrick Stewart giving the "Dagger" soliloquy

Patrick Stewart and the Banquet scene

Ian McKellen analyzes the "Tomorrow" speech

Final fight scene in Polanski's Macbeth

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