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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Great Gatsby Webquest

Answer all questions in a google doc, titled “Gatsby webquest” and your name. Share the completed doc with me by Wednesday, March 26.

Be sure to use reliable sources and cite them (both in parenthesis and in a works cited entry at the end of your document).

Here is one reliable site that you can start at, though you might need to search further to answer all the questions.


The Great Gatsby Webquest

1. Why is this decade called “The Roaring Twenties” and “The Jazz Age”?

2. Define “prohibition.” Write one quote from the novel that refers to these laws.

3. Find one example of police or government corruption in the 1920’s.

4. Define “bootlegging.” Write one hint from the novel that Gatsby is a bootlegger.

5. Find out how many cars were produced per year in the 20’s, and what percent of the population had cars. Then write two descriptions of cars in the novel.

6. Explain 3 ways that women’s lives changed in this decade.

7. Define “flapper.” Find a quote from one of Gatsby’s parties that describes a flapper.

8. Define “wealth inequality,” which increased in the 1920’s. Find a quote that describes how the poor live in the novel, and another quote that describes how the rich live.

9. Who actually fixed the world series in real life? How did he do it? Who fixed it in the novel, and who is he friends with?

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